Reusable Balloons

Auto Visuals have a large range of Reusable Balloons that we carry in stock and can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Made from PVC vinyl, 500mm in diameter, they’re available in a variety of colours that can be colour-coordinated to your dealership’s colour scheme. They are also available in different colours with ‘Sale’ printed on them.

These balloons are ideal to use during a sales event and can also be used daily to add colour and vibrancy to your car yard. They are a great way to draw attention from passing traffic without using helium.

Reusable Balloons have several advantages over regular latex balloons, the biggest is the cost saving from not using expensive helium.

They are also suitable to use outdoors or inside a showroom and can be deflated and re-inflated easily. We also offer air pumps for this.

Order online or contact Auto Visuals today. One of our sales consultants will be more than happy to help.

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